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BV shield :>

That moment when you are finally ready to accept whatever comes your way. :) I’m ready! To go or to stay. I’ll accept whatever it may be. 



you know what, I can see you staring at me sometimes. Not so sure tho if it’s really happening or just a fantasy. Well anyway, that’s the reason for this smile I’m wearing right now. Can you let me wear this everyday? :D The simplest things become very special when you do it. 

….it’s getting worse

Bye Janjanuary

Last month’s over. Ups and downs, mostly ups that’s why I’m afraid of tomorrow. Been high since the last month, I might fall and crash this time. #ihopenot


Solo Flight! 

Wew first time, alone. It was awesooome! Yay for the window seat. Saaaad, I don’t have seatmates :( Anyway, enjoyed the view <3 

Thank God for the “smooth as silk” flight. 




oh! hey you! Yes, you! Thanks for making my night <3 

Stop. Think. Wait a minute

I hope this time it’s love 

I thought hugs are free? Where can I get one? A really biiiiiiig hug! badly need it. 

i miss everything about you